This is a temporary file. Updates welcome. hosts the official SVN for DDP under project root "debian-doc".

Debian Documentation Project at alioth is not the official DDP site.

Debian Documentation Project at alioth

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Operation of DDP at Alioth


Provide easy access to the documentation updates for the content maintainers and the translators.

Project Admin

Requirements for "Project Admin" (not a consensus yet).

Modules of DDP at Alioth

There are 2 different modules in DDP.

Building and updating web page

This is now done from Alioth SVN.

See proposal for how to secure build script at alioth in the future:

(There were solutions with 2 CVSROOTs proposed previously.)

Transition plan proposals.

Get started with SVN

DDP documents at Alioth

The following are current actively maintained DDP documents at Alioth under /cvsroot/ddp/ddp/manuals.sgml.

Although the directory name contains "manuals.sgml", these documents need not be written in SGML, but they can be XML as well. So proposal to change this to "manuals" proposed.

HOWTO join DDP at Alioth

For Debian Developers

If you are a DD who maintains one section of DDP, please get your password for alioth.d.o for the same account name you use at ordinary debian machines.

For non-Debian Developer

To get write access:

Archive size

CVS Including history

16028	debian-reference
3292	securing-debian-howto
1808	developers-reference
1768	maint-guide
1756	debian-users-guide
1636	apt-howto
1560	debian-faq
1048	tutorial
1020	release-notes
660	dselect-beginner
384	intro-i18n
340	project-history
312	debian-euro-support
228	network-administrator
212	system-administrator
204	debian-java-faq
188	user
188	ddp-policy
172	sgml-howto
152	es
124	fr
116	debian-bugs
60	meta
40	repository-howto
40	distribute-deb
40	dictionary
24	programmer
8	debiandoc-sgml-doc